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Simon Parker

Warehouse Administrator

“The support is fantastic, it’s personal. It comes from the top down. It’s given me an opportunity to build a house, support my family, put my daughter through school.”

Carl Hamilton

National Workshop Manager

“It’s a great place to work, and I know that some people just say that but I mean it. What makes me proud to work for Collins is the Collins family reputation, they’re proud of their business like you wouldn’t believe.”

Mark Clemente

Refrigeration Workshop Supervisor

“I ended up supervising there and ended up doing an adult apprenticeship, and now I’m qualified. It’s definitely a great place to work, I wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t.”

Peter Dawson-Ryan

Line Haul Driver

“I still enjoy my job, I enjoy going away, I enjoy coming back. It’s just a really comfortable place to work.”

Rob Stead

Retired Workshop Fitter

“I’ve worked at Collins for 48 years. There was only four of us in 1974. I’ve always been proud to work for Collins because they’ve been good to me and they’re proud of their business.”

Scott Broughton

Heavy Vehicle Driver

“I’ve been with Collins for just over 16 years now. They’re always training. If you fancy doing something different in the company - as in completely different - just ask for it.”

Brad Homan

Service Delivery Manager

“I’ve learnt a lot over three years, they’re happy to train, to help, to develop your skills and turn you into someone who can be a Collins employee for many many years.”